Cancellation Policy

Rigth of Cancellation

As a consumer and user, you shall have seven working days to exercise the right ofcancellation. It will be the law of the place where the service is being provided to determine the days to be considered as working days.

The period shall be calculated from the conclusion of the contract if its object were to provide services.

The exercise of this right does not require a justification of the decision.


Modes of exercising the right of cancellation

You shall exercise your right of cancellation by sending an e-mail to the following address:

The exercise of the right of cancellation gives rise to the reimbursement of the paid amounts by the consumer within 30 days since this right was exercised.

The reimbursement will be made by bank transfer –or any means of payment of your choice.


Exceptions to the right of cancellation

The following contracts are excepted from the right of cancellation: Contracts for the provision of services whose execution have already begun, with the consumer’s and user’s agreement, before the end of the seven working days.